How do you prepare??

I had my monthly chiropractor appointment yesterday and we got to talking. There is 2 months until Whitetail Deer season opens in Western NY. Two months! So how do you prepare for it? This year my hope was to have a cross bow..cough cough dad…but I’m not sure if I will have one in time or not. Let’s say that I do, wishful thinking.

My preparations would start ASAP.  First of course by practicing and siting it in since it would be a new tool for me to use. Making sure I am comfortable using it, carrying it and standing in my stand with it. I want to ensure I am 100% on top of my game with my bow before I step out into the woods with it.

A new tool I get to use this year in great old 8H is the rifle. I am not sure what rifle I will be using so I will need to talk with my dad on that subject.  Though, once the hay is done target practice will begin. With the longer range shot I will need to make sure I know my target and distances I can accurately shoot to kill at. We don’t want to wound any sort of animal.  So for the rifle, the longer shot target practice will be commencing in the next few weeks.

Besides the cross-bow and rifle. I will be using my standard Remington 20 gauge shotgun and my .40 black powder muzzleloader. I will need to site both of these guns it at 100 and 200 yards respectively to make sure nothing was jostled in the scope during the off-season.

Now since I live about 40 minutes away from the farm optimum timing to go and site in my gun and muzzleloader may not present themselves to me, so my dad will help with those.  I have been using both for numerous years now and am quite comfortable with them  The cross-bow and rifle, however, I will need to be there. Since they are new to me this year I want an in-depth working knowledge of them.  I have shot rifles multiple times, but in full hunting gear in a stand is something new to me; so I need to practice.

Besides the guns and cross-bow I want to make sure I have all the attire necessary. This year I got new boots so I will want to take them out to the farm and walk around with them. Break them in a bit prior to season starting. I don’t need sore wet cold feet on day one.

The last thing I will do is up my endurance. With the walking, climbing, pushing woods, and running through the snow I want to be on top of my game. It gets tough when you’re carrying the extra weight. This is something I do every year all year round and this year i have upped my game with weight training and HIIT training. These have both upped my endurance and stamina to be able to move quicker and quieter to my designated stand or spot for the day.

So what do you do to prepare for the upcoming deer season? Any special tips or tricks you want to share?


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