Hunting Season Changes

Do you hunt in New York state? If so you may have heard about the changes revolving around the antler/anterless dates.  This is something new that was brought to light about 2 weeks ago.  According to the NYS DEC The first two weeks of Bow Season for a specified southern zones are anterless. Also all of muzzle loader season are anterless as well.

For me I am perturbed as my joy of hunting, hopefully in snow, in the last week of muzzle loader season is when I usually go for the large antlered deer. Now, I will only have shotgun season to scope out those large bucks.  The only plus is that I do carry my muzzle loader when I sit and I also can now shoot with a rifle.

The other restrictions I have is that if I choose to use a crossbow this year I can only hunt during the last two weeks of regular bow season and regular shotgun season. I can not use a crossbow at my house or in the farm lands around my house because it is stated as bow only. So in the end using a crossbow will give me only an extra 2 weeks.

Now back to the topic at hand, anterless hunting. I will always shoot a large doe. We are over populated and the meat is plentiful for our families and employees. That is fine and all but late season hunting and the second  rut is usually when the large scoring bucks come out.  I have a dream that one day I would join the big buck club; whose founder I have met twice.  Who knows if that will ever happen but these new regulations, unless I move to a different hunting area, will dampen my chances.

So what are your thoughts?  The full map and hunting season schedules for all game can be seen here.  Do the new regulations affect you? Do you only hunt for does or bucks? Do you only go out during a specific season?


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