Hunting Photo Friday – Special Dedication

I spent the biggest portion of my day today with my family. I think today is fitting to post this hunting photo. It’s of my Uncle Kenny from December 1998.  I was in the 7th grade at the time and 13 when this was taken. Today the light was taken from him.

Ken Stein December 1998, 10 Point. LeRoy NY

Ken Stein December 1998, 10 Point. LeRoy NY

To know you is to know a firecracker

A man who had no fear

To know you was to know a leader

A man who had the drive

To know you was to know a father

A man who loved two children so much

To know you was to know a friend

A man who would risk his life for you

Uncle, You were the fun one, the light hearted one, the serious one. You were the man who scared us half to death as teenagers because we drove through the hay. You changed around your life for the one you loved. For her children that you called yours before they called you dad. You were the grandfather to two beautiful little ladies who loved farming as much as you.

An amazing soul. You were taken too early too young from us. We looked up to you. We loved you. An uncle, a father, a grandfather. In a few days we’ll tell stories about you. About chopping hay and corn on long summer days. About opening presents in grandma’s basement. About teaching me how to feed calves. To be strong, and smart, and thoughtful.

I am lucky that I was able to know you, to hear stories about you growing up to now. I know that you are having a beer with grandpa right now. Looking over all of us. My aunt, Kelly Ben Kenzie Eliza Elijah and Molly.

This hunting photo Friday is dedicated to you. My favorite uncle. May you always watch over us and guide us on our way. God Bless.


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