It’s that time of the year!!

During this time of the year the Christmas songs start playing in my head. Not all of them of course, but just ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year‘ by Andy Williams.

Its license buying season.  When I think of this time of the year, I think of the mom filling her basket with back to school supplies, or the kids looking though the Christmas shopping catalogs; since the song is played during commercials for both.  To me my hunting license is like a Christmas present.  It is bought by my dad, who I thank so much for doing that, and I can’t use or “open” it until the 3rd Saturday in November.

Like waiting all year round for Christmas morning; this is my special day. Its my holiday and I love it.  I always know it’s that time of the year when I walk through the shop and the guys ask, “Do you have your license yet?” I always forget that it’s the end of August until they say something.

So now I’ll get that call from my dad saying I got your tags and I’ll wait until the 3rd weekend of November, or earlier if I finally get my butt in gear and get that cross bow. Like a kid waiting for Santa to come on Christmas morning, I’m waiting to get my tags, climb my stand and watch the sunrise on opening day.

So, do you have your tags yet??


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