Daylight Savings Time

At work this past week we had a conversation about daylight savings time. When it was occurring this year specifically, and it is October 31st.  I knew that I remembered this because it was midway thru bow season.

So my question is, how does daylight savings time affect the hunter? If it was taken away what would that do? Could we wake up later and hunt longer? The deer’s cycle should not change since they eat with the cycles of the sun.

My thought is that daylight savings time should be done away with. We won’t end up like Alaska with zero light for 28 days, but our light and dark hours would change.

From a hunting standpoint, I honestly do not think it would cause an adverse affect to the day to day deer and hunter routine.

What do you think? Would daylight savings time affect your hunting? Why?

Also, don’t forget to change your smoke alarm batteries when you set your clock back!!

p.s. sorry for the short post it has been a busy week with work and starting gym class again for the little one so I need to step up my game next week!


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