Weekend Recap

This past weekend was the first full weekend of bow season for the whitetail deer. So I know I’m slacking getting my butt in gear for final siting of my guns and crossbow in.  Plus with it cold and windy out on Saturday I really wanted to snuggle inside with a cappuccino and some movies. I chose to walk out my parents door though. We had family photos on the farm and I was out there anyway; figured better just get it over with.








I shot at 23 yards and 35 yards to get my drop distance. My grouping was spot on. A dead deer no matter what. My handling was great and my loading was ok. I need smaller thin gloves to work the arrows properly.

In case you were curious I  called myself a “basic b*tch” in my last photo. There is a “how basic are you” test out there for women for fqll. It talks about plaid, flannel, hats, army coats and of course the PSL. This photo epitomized the “basic” hunting women and I got a kick out of it.

Sorry for the side track.  I hope you all had a great weekend and of you’re hunting you got one! I know our country so far is 1 doe.


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