Food Plots Done Right

Now that the season has begun have you had any success?  Did this success happen because of food plot preparations? If you’re new to food plots this year,the first thing to think about is what to plant.  There are many experts out there on what will draw whitetail deer into your area.  Being a farmer. access to grains and seeds are readily available. However, what is desirable to livestock is not always desirable to deer.  Clover, alfalfa, radish and chicory are the more popular and easily accessible plotting crops.  One of the main things that drives most people’s food plot purchase is the price.  In this case though, the price should not be an issue. With food plot seedlings you will get what you pay for and not all seedlings are created equally. Another thing is you don’t want to put all of your eggs into one basket, so to speak, and create a monoplot.  A diverse type of seedlings in a single plot will help create a larger drawing of deer to the area.

Next thing to think about is location.  Since the this is probably a new plot take a look at what is currently planted on the land.  Is it growing, healthy, and vibrant? If not then find a new spot. You need to have a successful area of land in order to have a successful food plot.  Now that you’ve found a good patch of dirt, does it get sun and shade? It is protected from the wind or out in the open? Is there water nearby? Is it on the right side of the woods that doesn’t typically get high winds? These are all things you need to take into consideration.  Can you see the plot from your stand or blind? If not then you need to reconsider.  The plot location doesn’t need to be directly on top of where you will be sitting during hunting season but it needs to be in shooting range.  Preferable along a deer path; somewhere whitetail deer will be driven to walk by you to get to and from the plotted area.

You have what you want to plant. You have where you want to plant.  Now you need to plant. For a late fall crop the field work should be completed by the beginning of July.  This will give you a flush season once October hits and opening day hits.

Now we have some pretty nice plots on our land but what and where they are, that is a family secret.


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