Yes, these are for me.

This past Sunday I got a phone from my dad, followed by one from my mom since I didn’t hear the phone ring.  Dick’s Sporting Goods was having a huge sale on our ammo of choice. The Hornaday SST Slug typically retails for $12-$13 and it was on sale for $9.  This sale happens every year about this time so I told my dad yes, of course I would go and I would get him 3 boxes and myself 3 boxes.  In the afternoon I headed out, hoping they still had stocked shelves, and I texted my brother asking if he wanted any as well. So I grabbed him two.

While wandering the hunting section I remembered I needed mechanical non rubber banded broadheads. Being a total newb when it comes to crossbows and bow hunting season I didn’t want to spend a lot but I wanted something decent. I chose a 3-pack of the Rage 2-bladed crossbow mechanical broadheads. Of course on the aisle end of the broadheads is the shoulder straps. I figured this would be a nice investment, so the Mossy Oak sling went into my hands as well.

The last thing I knew I needed was lightweight gloves. I didn’t need anything fancy just something lightweight with grip to do the job since I can’t load my arrow with my bulky gloves on.  I ended up choosing the Lodge Outfitters brand, based on price and feel.

Now I could not find a basket to save my life and as I’m walking to the register and stop in the running gear and decide my hands are full enough so I decline.

At the front there was only one checkout lane open and I was 3rd in line. Soon after, a return and a large group of people joined me in the checkout area. Everyone glanced and checked out my hands filled with ammo, straps, broadheads and gloves.  There was a group of foreigners who I saw in the ammo section giving me curious stares. As well as an older gentleman and his father that watched me from the store til I got into my car.

The kicker was when I checked out. The first time, no questions no concerns no comments. The second time, because the terminal froze, I was asked, “Is this was all for me?”, Do you really hunt?” and “Is this for your husband?”  I’m used comments, but every time it’s like dude wake up. Yes, these are mine and yes I hunt.  Maybe it’s because I am younger, or how I dressed that day, I do try to be fashionable. but I have been in a hunting environment my entire life.

The topic of women hunters came up at work a few days ago. There are more women hunters now than there ever have been. Most of this is because the guys end up getting their wives or girlfriends involved in the sport. The women tend to go a long with it because they don’t like loosing their men for a month+.  I know my husband loses me every weekend from the 3rd Saturday in November until the 3rd Saturday in December. It’s been going on for 12 years and is nothing new.  Now I’m not knocking women who join the sport for that reason I just hope that they enjoy it. I love hunting with my sister-in-law and her sister when they go out. My cousins fiance will be in our group this year too and I’m thrilled. I’m not the only girl now!

I just with that the population, in and out of stores, will stop giving you the “You’re not really a hunter are you” glare because it’s time they know the truth.

I can shoot better than they do!


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