Be Prepared for ALL Activities and Weather

This post has been a few weeks in the making. A lot of hemming and hawing and how to work things appropriately. Well today I’m saying eff it to appropriate wording and I’m just giving my opinion on this subject. This weekend is opening day of shotgun/rifle season for white tail deer in New York State. Which is where I live and hunt. I am thrilled and excited as this weekend is my weekend, it’s my Christmas. I am extra excited as this is the first year, in my 16 years hunting on my own that I have 100% my own clothes and not hand me downs!

Over the past few years I have been compiling my own hunting wardrobe. Long johns were always mine, but pants, coats, shirts, suits, boots, gloves, hats, they were all my dad’s then my brothers and followed onto being mine. While I felt pride to wear the dirt stained well-worn hunting clothes, I was ready to wear something that fit. Not big or bulky, something that I had to wear 3 extra pairs of socks to not walk funny in.  Most of my hunting attire came from Under Armor as is for men, but that doesn’t bother me.

My personal clothing collection started with a light coat and some new camo long johns. Two years ago my brother bought me scent locker hunting pants for women for Christmas and I then bought myself a hunting coat.  I then bought myself some new hunting thermal and thicker shirts as well as a safety orange ear warmer thing; which d I have no idea where it is and need to find it ASAP.

This past year though, was the pièce de résistance, I bought boots. Not steel toe work boots as I’ve been wearing the past 3 years but real hunting boots. I was very excited for this purchase, almost as excited as I am when I get to buy my birthday shoes.  So the only thing I’m dreading is that I didn’t break these puppies in, but I’ve dealt with blisters and sore feet enough from crazy shoes I’ll be fine with some new boots.

Anyway the main point of this post is not the fact that I finally have a 100% new to me hunting wardrobe, it’s the hunting wardrobe options out there for women. There is camo this and camo that, camo everything really. From underwear, to leggings, to swimsuits (which I’ve owned so I won’t bash too much) but what is really hunting appropriate. You have these female hunters who are younger in age (to me at least), not married, no kids, that duck hunt in swim suits and try to shoot a deer in leggings and a bra. The overall perception is they are doing this to grab attention which they are, but it makes the rest of the female hunter populate look bad.

A rule in my sorority was “be prepared with all activities and weather” which I still follow to this day. This includes hunting. Don’t be a moron and freeze your butt off to look good.  The deer don’t care, they care if they can smell you, see you, and hear you. Chattering your teeth, smelling like whatever body wash you use and being stark white against a tree will cause the animals to run away from you, not to you.

Now I don’t want to say that all camo clothing suppliers are like this, fish cute and deerly beloved are two great camo attire suppliers, but there are a bunch that are.  These camo suppliers also aren’t changing the game in hunting wear, they’re not designing clothes for the negative wind-chill, snow, or rain. They’re designing clothes for daily wear that fits the camo fad of the hunters girlfriend or groupie.  This also might just be the snarky me who grew up hunting with the boys, dressing like the boys, not trying to impress anyone in the world.

So I guess my two cents on the matter is do you research, dress for the weather, not for attention.  Dress to kill, a deer that is, and the guys will admire you for shooting a boomer, not for freezing your ass off next to a tree. Save your swim suits, leggings, and skimpy cloths for the backwoods bars, bogs, and swimming holes.


P.S. Good luck to everyone going out tomorrow!! I hope to have some photos to show you throughout the week of my groups successes!




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