The Versatile Blogger Award: Facts About Me



I was nominated for an awesome award awhile back!! I’m such a slacker some times, but I’m FINALLY getting around to it. I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award by A Texan in South Africa!  I know that at this point I have a very limited audience so I was pretty stoked to get the nomination.

What is the The Versatile Blogger Award? The award is for the blogs you enjoy reading, the ones you give you an awesome insite on something you don’t know, or something you truly love!

So here are 10 facts about me you may not have know:

1 – I was named after a tractor…or so I was told years ago and am sticking to it.

2 – I love to sketch and draw, but feel that my creativity was zapped when I went to college.

3 – I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering

4 – Sometimes I wish I stayed in dance

5 – I competed in the Mrs. New York pageant

6 – I hate cows, but love farming. Not good when you’re a dairy farmer.

7 – I can’t keep plants a live (I’ve killed an air plant)

8 – I’m on a local bands album cover

9 – I turnd down my dream job of making cross bows and air guns.

10 – When I went to college I wanted to work for Nasa

The 5 Blogs I nominate are:

1 – Skate Fast Turn Left

2 – Marian’s Hunting Stories

3 – Engineering in Style

4 – Women Hunters

5 – My Little Poppyseed


My nominees are blogs that I have enjoyed reading for awhile now as well as some internet friends that I find truly interesting.  The nominees should go ahead and write their own post about their versatility and the fun 10 facts about them! They should also go ahead and nominate 5 more people.


Assembly Line Saturday

I took a week off from posting. Now only because well I had nothing to post about but I was busy tackling some new things, like reorganization, cleaning, schedules and other things.

Right around Christmas we were all notified that the annual deer dinner, which has been taking place for over 40 years, was not happening this year. We were sad as it’s usually a great event to see people we don’t always get to see and to eat a great meal. Then the realization dawned on us that we had 6-8 quarters and something needed to be done with them.

We always have deer meat to cut up after the season is over with. Typically it can be done with just 2-4 guys and take a good portion of the day. This past Saturday we had an assembly line of 8 people processing, grinding, and bagging meat.  I arrived around 9am at the farm and the group was already there and processing.  Quickly with gloves on and directions from my dad I started to write out on bags, mix seasoning and pack everything up.

In the end we sorted out 10 piles of 18 bags per pile. Each pile contained 4 Plain, 5-6 Maple, 5-6 Sweet Italian, and 5-6 Breakfast.  The bags were roughly 2 pounds each. There was also 2 bags of chops per pile.  What was not included in the piles were the 25-50 pounds of plain that was sorted out to be smoked and cheese infused for links.

We were completed by 11:30am.  This included meat delivery, to doors and trucks, and cleaning. I have to say it was a great way to spend a Saturday. Working in an assembly line, with family and coworkers, to create a product that will fill us up until next season is just awesome.


How did you spend your Saturday??