Wait Listed!

Post and running before I recap our AWESOME fishing adventure form this weekend.


I am waitlisted for hunting permits in my village/town! This is something that they started up last year, specific quantity of hunting permits on land that is owed by local farms or the village. You must be a resident of that area, which I am, and you must have a valid hunting license and taken your safety course, which I have. The best part?? I can use my cross bow to hunt deer!! This is unheard of in our area. We’re zoned for bow only, so to be able to use my cross bow puts a big happy smile on my face!!


Just wanted to share my excitement for the new regulations and the anticipation for the spring season of turkey, other small game and this Fall’s big game season!


P.S. I’m super sorry for the lack of post. Between being super busy with work, having a tiny person who’s extremely active with friends and other activities and a Florida vacation I have been slacking!! I’m hoping to start picking up a weekly post again and keeping everyone in the loop with the Suburban Huntress’s hunting/fishing/outdoor activities and life!!



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