Nature Photo Friday

This weeks hunting photo Friday is bringing it back to nature.  I saw these two beautiful creatures on opening day of shotgun season while out with my dad on the farm.  They were flying over the fields and above my Aunt and Uncle’s house. I felt it was a sign, from my Uncle, and that they have nested and stayed is amazingly beautiful.  The first two photos below are taken by my cell phone, of them flying over head on opening day. The rest of the photos were taken by drivers who stopped and had better cameras than my cell phone.

I do ask that if  you know the location of these beautiful birds you keep your distance and do not disturb them, we want them to stay. There have been a few other times where the Eagles have nested on the farm but this is the first time that the Eagles have stayed this long with a permanent looking nest.


I hope you enjoy seeing the spectacular pictures below and have a Happy and Blessed Easter Weekend!






Photo by Larry Williams



Photo by Gary McIntyre



Photo by Jill Amidon



Photo by Sandy Parks



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