Teaching Moments – Mallards Don’t Like Running 3 Year olds

A few times in the past I have posted about the ducks in our area. We have a small pond at the end of our road that Zoey calls, her pond. Like papa’s pond where she fishes, this is her pond where she feeds the ducks.

We visit the ducks on a nightly basis, if the weather is warm and not rainy. She’ll pedal there on her tricycle and I’ll bring the bread.  Currently there are five mallard drakes that reside in the pond. I know that when spring turns the summer the mallards will be joined by a few of the hens that are currently hanging out in the corn field behind the house.

The drakes and hens have a tendency to wonder the neighborhood as they did Friday night.  When we asked Zoey if Audrey was here yet, she responded with a firm No, but the ducks are here. We had to go and see what she was talking about. No they were not in the corn field behind the house as they typically were. The drake and hen were hanging out in our front yard by my car.  Ben and I decided to see what was up, as he raised ducks growing up, they are one of his favorite wild creatures.  We offered them some bread and while they seemed content in our front yard Zoey wanted to stir the pot.

The lover of nature and animals she had to feed them bread.  We told her to go slow, but 3 year old bodies do not understand that word. Out to the front yard, into the road, back into the yard, and back to the cars; the mallards ran full circle Ben saved them from any cars and I herded the child back into the house.

She understands that we must be quiet around ducks, and gentle. Ducks don’t like to be petted but they do like bread.  With Spring still being fresh in the air they are nervous around people, even when offering food, which is to be extremely expected .

This weekend we taught her to be kind to ducks, do not run, just offer the food and leave them be. They are making their home for the summer as we have made this house ours. So we must be gentle and cautious if we want them to stay in the area.

I do have to say, they did stay in the area.  They were at the pond this afternoon when we went to say hi. We didn’t offer bread today, but we also didn’t run at them. We’re making progress with trying to keep calm in nature.



Ducks in the pond


Sleeping in the yard


Going to feed the ducks


Chasing ducks with bread


Trying to herd them correctly


Must. Feed. Ducks


Must. Feed. Ducks


Must. Feed. Ducks


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