Allow me to introduce myself! I am Casey otherwise known as Mrs Daggett or the Suburban Huntress.  I grew up on a large dairy farm in Western New York and hated cows. Because of my hatred I went to college, received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and met my future husband.  We both grew up in the country but decided to get our first apartment in the local city where our jobs were. From there we bought a house in the suburbs about 40 minutes east of my family’s farm.  Since that first house 8 years ago, we got married, I got pregnant, we sold our house, bought a new house in the same suburb and had a lovely little girl.

I like to describe our house and modern with my backyard in a cornfield and my front in a cul-de-sac. It’s like growing up at home but with all the amenities of the suburban life and the town I’ve grown to love. I have deer, fox and rabbits in my backyard almost daily. We have wandering geese and 20+ ducks at the pond at the end of our road. I even seen a fat tom turkey every once in a while.

I have been hunting with my family since as long as I can remember. There are photos of myself and my brother on tires at 2 years old with our dad and uncles opening day successes hanging behind us. Hunting and fishing is in my blood, and it’s not about the kill to us, it’s about sustaining wildlife, feeding our families and being one with the nature around us.

I am hoping to tell you tales from my hunting experiences, my family experiences, ammo and product reviews as well as what is going on in WNY for that season.  I even hope to have a guest blogger every once in a while. I call myself the Suburban Huntress because that is how I feel. I live in a beautiful suburban town with all my mounts on the wall in my family room. It’s a rarity where I live to be a female hunter so I am proud and want to encourage so many other young women who have a love of guns, bows, poles and nature to join me.

So feel free to ask me any questions and I’m hoping to have an answer for you!


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