The Versatile Blogger Award: Facts About Me



I was nominated for an awesome award awhile back!! I’m such a slacker some times, but I’m FINALLY getting around to it. I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger award by A Texan in South Africa!  I know that at this point I have a very limited audience so I was pretty stoked to get the nomination.

What is the The Versatile Blogger Award? The award is for the blogs you enjoy reading, the ones you give you an awesome insite on something you don’t know, or something you truly love!

So here are 10 facts about me you may not have know:

1 – I was named after a tractor…or so I was told years ago and am sticking to it.

2 – I love to sketch and draw, but feel that my creativity was zapped when I went to college.

3 – I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering

4 – Sometimes I wish I stayed in dance

5 – I competed in the Mrs. New York pageant

6 – I hate cows, but love farming. Not good when you’re a dairy farmer.

7 – I can’t keep plants a live (I’ve killed an air plant)

8 – I’m on a local bands album cover

9 – I turnd down my dream job of making cross bows and air guns.

10 – When I went to college I wanted to work for Nasa

The 5 Blogs I nominate are:

1 – Skate Fast Turn Left

2 – Marian’s Hunting Stories

3 – Engineering in Style

4 – Women Hunters

5 – My Little Poppyseed


My nominees are blogs that I have enjoyed reading for awhile now as well as some internet friends that I find truly interesting.  The nominees should go ahead and write their own post about their versatility and the fun 10 facts about them! They should also go ahead and nominate 5 more people.


Assembly Line Saturday

I took a week off from posting. Now only because well I had nothing to post about but I was busy tackling some new things, like reorganization, cleaning, schedules and other things.

Right around Christmas we were all notified that the annual deer dinner, which has been taking place for over 40 years, was not happening this year. We were sad as it’s usually a great event to see people we don’t always get to see and to eat a great meal. Then the realization dawned on us that we had 6-8 quarters and something needed to be done with them.

We always have deer meat to cut up after the season is over with. Typically it can be done with just 2-4 guys and take a good portion of the day. This past Saturday we had an assembly line of 8 people processing, grinding, and bagging meat.  I arrived around 9am at the farm and the group was already there and processing.  Quickly with gloves on and directions from my dad I started to write out on bags, mix seasoning and pack everything up.

In the end we sorted out 10 piles of 18 bags per pile. Each pile contained 4 Plain, 5-6 Maple, 5-6 Sweet Italian, and 5-6 Breakfast.  The bags were roughly 2 pounds each. There was also 2 bags of chops per pile.  What was not included in the piles were the 25-50 pounds of plain that was sorted out to be smoked and cheese infused for links.

We were completed by 11:30am.  This included meat delivery, to doors and trucks, and cleaning. I have to say it was a great way to spend a Saturday. Working in an assembly line, with family and coworkers, to create a product that will fill us up until next season is just awesome.


How did you spend your Saturday??



Welcome to 2016!!



I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa; just a joyous holiday all around.  As we ring in the New Year tonight, I can’t help but look back at 2015. It ebbed and flowed with joy, with pain and sadness with new friends and old. I made an amazing mom friend, went on journeys with Ben and Z, and lost one my most favorite people in the world.  It was a year that I never happened the way things were planned but it happened anyway.

I created this blog mid 2015 in hopes of sharing my thoughts, experiences, reviews and hunting rants. I have exceeded my expectations for the year and I hope that I did yours as well.  I want next year to bring new possibilities for the Suburban Huntress with new guest writers and new topics.

For now I must go to create a home cooked fancy dinner for my husband and our daughter as we stay in tonight.  I hope you all have a happy and safe evening and that you look back on this past year with memories of joy and smiles, thru heart ache that we may have encountered we will always have the memories of years past as we close the books on 2015.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. I hope that you get to spend this holiday with family, friends and loved ones. I also hope you are filled with the Spirit this year and do good for others who require anything from a helping hand to just a kind word.

This Christmas I am overcome with memories of the past year, happy and sad. It was a year filled with love, heart break, friends and family. This Christmas I hope to help others in any way that I can.  So a kind word from me to you, I hope you have a special Christmas,  a happy Christmas, a Christmas filled with love and life and the Spirit.


My hearth overflows with kindness and love from all over the states this year and I hope that yours overflows with kindness too.

Merry Christmas from us to you.


My Successful Season

As my whitetail deer season comes to an end I want to ask you, did you have a successful season?  To me a successful season means shooting a deer I am proud to shoot, having good shots, and enjoying myself.  This year I didn’t shoot the cross bow, and now that 8H does not allow antlered deer to be taken during muzzleloader season I am not going out;  even though it is open until the 22nd of December.

This season I filled my doe tags.  I had multiple shots, with 3 confirmed kills. The 4th was lost, I know that it is dead in the woods but I could not find it. My first deer shot was opening day, with my dad’s .243 rifle. After misfiring in the woods, yelling and being pissed off, a group of deer appeared 200 yards in the field and I shot. I hit the deer but did not take it down.  I shot my second and third doe that weekend as well in the woods behind my brother’s house. The first one took me by surprise. We were at the end of a push and I turn around and she is looking at me, up the hill, 20 yards away. I shot, I hit her but she kept going. My cousin took the final shot on her and he tagged her; as the kill shot is the tagging shot in our family.  The next one I did take down the next day, with one shot while it was running. My third doe was taken the following weekend by my parent house along the thruway. Again single shot, this one was tricky, as it was running through thick brush.  The fourth doe was not my proudest moment. With my muzzleloader I shot a doe, but it was smaller than I thought and just was not comfortable shooting. After sitting by cows and being nibbled on for a few hours I finally selected a deer.  Yes I was supported and had good aim when I shot but something felt slightly off and was not happy with myself.

I attempted to fill my buck tag this year by taking aim at a lovely looking 2.5 year old 8 point.  I had passed up 2 other 2 year olds this year and a handful of 1st year bucks. I had a perfect lined up shot but after shooting and taking the .243 (different one from opening day) to the range, it was determined that the site was off; up and to the left.

I went out on the last day of the season to find the buck again. I saw him, but did not get a good shot and unless the shot is good I will not take it. So that wrapped my season.  The weather was and still is strange. Its about 20 degrees warmer than normal which means that we’re sweating on our walks, crunching and in full camo. The deer are not as easy to spot, well to me at least, as they are in snow.

To me though I call this a successful season. My freezer is full, which will last me until next season.  I was able to see two bald eagles which remind me of my Uncle, rest his soul. The sun rose and set for me numerous times and to see a sun come up in the woods, that first spark of light shines over the trees and in an instant the world comes alive.  It is one of my favorite experiences every year, watching the world calmly come alive; it eases my soul and whatever is troubling me at the time.  The bonding with my dad and brother, along with my cousins, new family members, and old friends was wonderful.

I am lucky to have my own land to hunt on. To be able to pick and choose what deer I want to shoot at, as I know not everyone has that choice. I am lucky my season can extend for multiple weeks from bow, to regular, to muzzleloader if I want and need it too. I am lucky that I had such a wonderful season even if it was antlerless.

So was your season successful? Did you enjoy yourself, take conscious and great shots, and have a full freezer?  I know some count success on antler points or size, but my season success is based on multiple items that I experience and I hope that you all have them as well.


P.S. you can read about all my of shots and deer that have been and attempted to be taken this year in the past weeks posts 🙂


P.S.S. I actually did this in vlog form first, but had a tiny person interrupt me so I went to writing.  Would you prefer the vlog (video blog)? Just curious.



No Doe Left Behind.

This past weekend was a busy one. I usually choose to not hunt the weekend after Thanksgiving.  I go out to the farm every other weekend and I typically like this one to be down time for travel and spend it at home with the family.  It ended up that I had my cousin’s fiancés bridal shower that day in town so I would be going out there anyway. What this meant was I could head out a bit early and hunt with the group while they pushed woods. So I loaded up Zoey and headed out to the farm on Saturday at 8am. I got changed and she did her thing with my mom.  The group came over and off we went.

We started by my parents’ house along for the thruway. I have a spot that I always stand in. I am usually lucky there, if a deer comes by me 9 out of 10 times it will go down.  This time half way thru the push one came running by and which my 20 gauge I took a single shot. Fur flew, she jumped, and off she ran. You never leave your post until the push is over because 1, people in your hunting group will not know where you went and it is dangerous, 2 you never know what might come out of the woods ie coyote, doe, fox, or monster buck.  My dad showed up and nothing else came out. I told him I hit a doe, and he went to the other end of the trail to see if I would spook her out while tracking. I went back and found her puff of fur I started to walk the train and not 5’ I found blood. Not just a little blood but a lot. So tracking I went.

She went about 150 yards through thick bushes and thicket. These are the trails that I wear a hat for because if I don’t I get stuck in trees. I’m not sure if other women hunters have this problem in the woods by I have gotten stuck in more than one tree in my hunting life.  As I followed I could hear the semis pass and then I saw her. Half way up a bush that she was trying to jump over. She didn’t make it over it and all I thought was “How the hell am I going to get her out of here?!” I yelled to my cousin who was in the upper field waiting for me to come out that I got her. Then I asked if I could leave her. This was not going to be easy.

I unloaded my gun and put it on the ground. Then I grabbed her and dragged. About 3’-5’ increments. Out of the tree thru the thicket, over some fallen trees and up the hill to the field. I got halfway there and went back to grab my gun and took that up and put it in the field by J; that is something I need to not lose. Back to the deer I went and out she came. Lou gave me a hand at the end when I got close enough for them to not have to bury themselves in the bushes. I was huffing and puffing and thankful that I workout and lift weights otherwise she may have been left halfway in a tree.

The truck pulled up, my dad came back the group gathered. A single shot through the shoulder. My slug broke the bone and created the perfect shot; in my opinion.  I was even told that just because I was about 10’ off of where I should have been, I was shooting at a running deer, through thick bushes and I pulled of one single great shot. I have to say that with my shotgun I can outshoot a lot of people; as I toot my own horn there. But in the end I was proud and happy. I cleaned her and my cousin took a photo as I’m pretty swift with my skills.

After that we hung her up and went for two more drives and got one more large doe. This one was taken by my brother’s father in law Larry.  It came upon 11:30 and it was time for me to end my hunt and shower.  You can’t go to a nice wedding shower looking like a stinky bloody mess.


Besides the deer that morning I had a phone call from my dad around 7pm that night. He got his monster. My dad shot at a beautiful 10point in bow season but to no avail he disappeared. Well Saturday morning he saw him sitting and as he stated during our morning push that he “Was walking because he’s going after that buck.” Which he did that night. With my grandpas rifle he sat and waited. The buck appeared around 500 yards and closed to mid-400 yards. He took his shot and knew that the buck was hit. My dad knowing what he knows waited until 7pm to go track him. Even though it was dark, the deer should have died by then and would not be tempted to up and try to run. Well he got found him exactly where he figured he would be. Great shot and deer taken by my dad.
I hope this year I will be able to find a big buck to take down but this season, even if it just filled with does, will still be successful.
You can see the photos from this weekend here.